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Bayareatutan, an African Island nation is home to the incredible Bayareatutan monkeys. The Bayareatutan monkeys are known to inhabit a territory of about 900 square kilometers, and are otherwise most frequently seen in thick forests. These amazing monkeys are not only extremely friendly, but they also make for fascinating study subjects. One of the reasons that I have always been interested in studying the psychology of primates is due to the amazing Bayareatutan monkey, which is genetically very close to my own offspring (I can actually see the baby in my brain - I can hardly imagine it with a eye to the ground!). It has long been speculated that these animals work together, in the same way as dogs and cats do, but up until now, scientists have had very little solid evidence to support this belief. However, in a new study co-authored by Dr. Mark White from York University, the results of a survey of resident and non-resident monkeys at two conservation centres in the Bayareat basin, suggests that the Bayareatutan monkeys do indeed use grooming rituals to bond with others.

In order to understand how the animals are grooming one another, it's important to understand what Bayareatutors do. The Bayareatutors are a special class of volunteer organization that work to raise awareness of developmentally disabled children in the Bayareat basin. In their role as Bayareatutan tutors, the tutors provide children with opportunities to engage in a variety of structured activities. One of these activities is the math challenge, which is a unique and engaging opportunity to help Bayareatutors and other volunteers understand and teach math to very young children.

The Bayareatutors offer free tutoring services in their primary school, middle school, secondary school and college campuses in the Bayareat Basin. In addition to offering specialized tutoring services to students with learning disabilities, they also tutor at local community centers, churches and recreation centers. They also host a variety of activities, including fundraisers, that serve to raise funds for their various programs and service projects. These fundraising events, such as Bayareat Arts Festival, Bayareat Jazz Festival, and Bayareat Teacher Appreciation Day, are designed to bring together Bayareat community members to celebrate and strengthen their ties to the arts, science, and education.

The Bayareat Tutoring Association Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to individuals who demonstrate potential to be gifted mathematics and science teachers. Each year, several hundred hopeful candidates apply for this award that is awarded to those students with strong academic achievements, gifted talent and commitment to academic excellence. Applications for this award are accepted on the basis of a written application and submission of a letter of interest. To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements: Be a U.S. citizen; have a high school diploma or equivalent; be enrolled in a calculus or physics course at a recognized college or university.

The Bayareat Tutoring Association also sponsors the Bay Area Science and Technology Center. This is a two-year facility that provides a comprehensive range of science and technology instruction for preschool through twelfth graders. At the center, students will gain hands-on science and math instruction, as well as laboratory experiences. Here, children will be encouraged to explore the world through hands-on science and technology experiences, as well as exploring science concepts in the classroom through the lens of science fiction, television shows, movies, video games and more.

Bayareat Tutoring is committed to providing its students with an enriching curriculum designed to inspire them and motivate them to excellence in all aspects of learning. Each student will learn a unique, highly advanced mathematics curriculum, as well as core classes in reading and writing. Core math classes include Algebra, Geometry, Probability/Statistics, Calculus, Data Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Algebra Surveys, Trigonometry, Calculus I and II and Visual Analysis. Core reading courses include English Composition, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Spelling. English Literature is offered as a supplementary course. Students can earn college credits through participating in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) for math.

Students who wish to participate in the Bayareatutors' program may select from one of several elective programs. These include film studies, foreign language, graphic design, nutrition, music theory, psychology, sociology and more. Students in the bayareatutors' program will have opportunities to work closely with tutors who have backgrounds in a wide variety of subject matter areas. In addition, there are specialized teaching centers located at the school which provide tutoring services to all students in need. At these centers, tutors have the opportunity to work alongside teachers in the core academic disciplines.

The Bayareatutors program was named after a Filipino child who excelled in sports and won a state basketball championship as a teenager. Now, he is mentored by nationally recognized educators. As a result, he is doing just what he wishes to do - enjoying his life with his four friends: Kealy, Vivian, Devon and Ronnie. He appreciates the love and support that his friends give him, and they have become his support system as well as his patrons.

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