Pre Engineered Steel Buildings - The Benefits of Using Pre Engineered Steel Frame Construction

Steel frame construction is a principal building technique having a skeleton frame made up of flat, horizontal steel beams and vertical steel columns, joined together at the center to support the walls, roof and floors of a structure that are connected to the framework. The emergence of this method made the construction of the very tall skyscraper possible. Being extremely strong and durable steel made frames were the only way to go for these buildings. Steel was used as a material because it could be molded into any design imaginable. Modern steel frame construction techniques and designs are used not only to build skyscrapers but also bridges, airports, shopping malls, and many other places of importance.

In steel frame construction, the use of steel in the form of steels is extensively used where mechanical stability is required. Steels are usually employed for this type of construction for reasons other than strength. Other steels like cast iron are also used when there is a need for structural strength. The skeleton frame technique of construction mainly utilizes steels of different gauges in varying sizes and thicknesses to provide the desired results. All this results in providing the structure of the building at varied levels of heights and shapes. These factors have a significant impact on the design of the steel structure, to meet the specific requirements of the building.

Generally, most steel frame construction projects involve two types of beams. One is the bottom beam and the other is the top beam. The bottom beam, also known as the center beam, is typically of secondary structural use only. It is used to connect the different floor levels or to connect the different walls. The top beam is commonly referred to as the main beam. It is utilized to support both the heavy roof structure as well as the heavy skeleton structure.

Steel constructions are a great option because of their recyclability factor. The material can be recycled again after constructing a steel structure. The construction is also very low maintenance and at the same time is cost effective.

Another important benefit of using steel frame construction is the insulation factor. The material provides a thermal resistance and at the same time enhances the insulation value of the building. This works well especially in cold countries. Also, the insulation helps to maintain the temperature of the building, which is a key factor that decides the cost of the project.

Most construction firms use the pre-engineered steel frame construction for the pre-engineered steel building structures. These are easily assembled sections that can be fastened together. They are cost efficient and can be installed by anyone who has good knowledge of building construction and the various aspects related to the metal buildings.

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