Jobs That Are High on Demand

In this fast paced world, people want to make the most of their time and ensure they have the top jobs of their choice. Working in an office or on the beach is great, but everyone wants more from life. One way that many people find that they can increase their income is by becoming an entrepreneur. The top jobs for entrepreneurs tend to be in the technology industry, where there are constant technological growth and improvement. There are other areas, however, where being your own boss can give you a sense of control and satisfaction that may be lacking in your professional life.

Many of today's topjobs are related to social work. This is no surprise, since most social workers are required to help people in some way. From counseling to housing maintenance, social work is required to help people deal with the problems in their lives. Some careers are very visible to the public, but many are behind the scenes. In fact, salaries rarely came as a result of direct social work, but rather as a result of helping people in other ways.

Being a nurse gives you plenty of opportunities for top jobs, but the job market changes quickly. There are always openings for nurses in hospitals, but the pay is not consistent. On-the-job training for nurses takes up to two years, leaving many nurses without raises or promotions over the course of two decades. For this reason, nurse-counselors and nurse-athletes are in hot demand. Certified nursing assistants (CNA) and registered nurses (RN) also offer more security and stability, although CNA certification requires only a high school diploma.

A dentist may not earn top wages, but his or her career can be rewarding. Dental-assisting professionals assist dentists with preventative treatments, from x-rays to teeth cleanings. Dental hygienists are also in demand, due to their ability to educate patients on proper dental hygiene and oral care.

Lifeguards are in demand for many reasons, but high pay and a stable career make lifeguards the top jobs in the industry. Many beaches require lifeguards to swim and surf for patrons, which makes swimming an essential skill for lifeguards. Not only do lifeguards earn top wages and security, they are often needed on emergency calls to save lives. Other lifeguard positions include rope masters who pull tourist attractions away from water and instructors who guide guests around the grounds.

Accounting is another field that offers several paying jobs, depending on a company's growth rate. In larger accounting firms, entry-level accountants often start as accountants and rise through the ranks. Some accountants find full-time employment as financial analysts, while others find jobs in smaller firms, which have lower salaries. Accountants also serve as business analysts, which can lead to other highly paid jobs. The growth rate of accountants is expected to continue growing, which makes accountants one of the top jobs.

Medical careers are in demand, whether the job requires a college degree or not. Medical assistants, registered nurses, physicians assistants, podiatrists, and chiropractors all earn high salaries. Jobs in medicine tend to be stable, so doctors often have steady work. Other types of doctors include radiologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and cardiologists. A few positions in the public sector will occasionally be available, but these will be few and far between.

If you want to advance in your career, consider one of the top careers listed above. All careers have their pros and cons, but there will always be a place for you in the workplace. You may think that your dream career is out of reach, but remember that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you want. Many students begin their working career as assistants and eventually rise through the ranks to become upper-level managers. Working your way up is possible, even for those who have considered making a career change.

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