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먹튀검증: My Unlucky Journey to Ultimate Ultrathronement is a 2021 memoir by the world-known ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek. It was just published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June of 2021. I picked it up because it seemed to have some promise, and after reading a few pages, I decided to buy it immediately. It is an awesome book and really can help you to become an ultra-athlete, as this is a true story of one man's quest to become a world-record holder for the marathon.

The story starts when Jurek was a sophomore runner at the University of Oregon in Portland. He had a great running career, but he always longed to push himself to the next level. So one day, he went to a nutritionist to ask what he could do differently to push himself farther. During his visit, he learned that his body needed a "core boost." He discovered that by eating a healthy diet that included lots of leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and low-fat dairy products, he would be better prepared for a long running career.

Jurek is not a vegan, so he does eat fish. However, he also includes shellfish, tofu, eggs, and nuts in his diet. After adapting his eating habits to include all natural foods, Jurek now runs five days a week, instead of the traditional three, and he has been able to push himself even further. As a result, he has set world records in both the half marathon and the ultra marathon. In addition, he now plans to run a 6 hour race on consecutive weeks, and will also begin a plant-based diet regimen.

Not all athletes are fortunate enough to live close to a vegan restaurant or cookbook. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate vegan foods into your running routine. Start by replacing all your favorite guilty pleasures with vegetables, grains, seeds, beans, nuts, and whole soy protein. You may not think you'll enjoy them as much as the meat and poultry crates, but once you try vegan versions of your favorite dishes, you'll wonder how you enjoyed your previous meals without them. Incorporate whole grain breads, pastas, and snacks into your running program, as well. They'll provide you with extra energy, help you lose weight, and most of all, won't kill your animal rights.

Running Tips for the Best Vegan Runners Eat and run often, and you'll be fitter and healthier, too. There is plenty of information available about nutrition and keeping fit. Look for information about what types of foods are good for burning fat and boosting your metabolism. Then, find the best recipes to prepare meals you can eat and that won't hurt your runners' bodies, either. Use the web to look for vegan recipe books, and run a search on any Ultramarathon Champion or other ultra-endurance athlete to find the best workout and nutrition plan for you.

Get the Best Nutrition Western states and parts of the east have very different climates, resulting in vastly differing dietary requirements. Look for information on which foods are best for your individual climate and learn how much you should eat, how often, and at what time of day. Even if you are training for an ultra marathon, you should still eat often and replenish your nutrition slowly throughout the day. Eating right will make it easier to recover and ready for your next ultramarathon race.

Strength and Conditioning Tips for the Best Vegan Runners Even if you aren't committed to veganism or vegetarianism, you will discover many valuable tips and exercises to improve your running performance and condition. Eating right and getting plenty of sleep will give your body the energy it needs to run long distances, but an athlete who isn't conditioning properly can sabotage their own efforts. A quality nutrition plan can teach you how to eat right, including healthy carbohydrates and fats. A quality endurance routine will also keep your heart strong while burning calories and fat. Completing a quality exercise program will give you the stamina to run further, faster, and longer than you ever imagined possible.

Runners spend more time improving their nutrition than they do training. You can benefit your own performance by eating right and fueling your body well. If you've always eaten meat, vegetables, or dairy products, it's time to switch to veganism. Even if you're an athlete competing against other ultra marathoners, switching to a vegan diet can make you feel more limber and stronger. If you're a casual runner, a solid nutritional plan can help you get the most out of every mile you run. If you're ready to become a vegan or vegetarian, start researching your new diet today!

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