The Many Shades of Blue - How to Get a Great Friend Like Your Boss

Every day I go up the ladder to my desk to find out what I've missed in my day. Did you know that you don't always have to be working with a warm, smiling face to earn a Blue Friend? If your co-worker always gets the day off and makes sure the co-worker who works next door feels free to call you by their favorite name, then they have "Blue Envy" - they are Blue Employees. Does your co-worker always get angry when you don't give them your full attention when they are talking to you? Well, they probably have a Blue coworker.

Blue friends are great companions; they help you through bad times and cheer you up when life is getting you down. My co-worker David has three Blue coworkers. David is a great guy and a Blue Friend. He does not get angry at me for raising the issue of pay (as he has a raise of his own to pay for). He just sits there and tells me how terrible this is, and then he goes and does it himself.

David is a very friendly person, so I always feel welcome when I visit him. We get together and we play cards sometimes and watch movies. I also noticed that David's co-worker, Paula, sometimes does the same things. She seems genuinely pleased when I go up and do the same things as her. I think that she may be hoping that I will feel the same way about her co-worker, Patrick.

It is really sad when you find out that your co-worker is a "Blue Employee". It really breaks your heart because you have spent so much time building a relationship with that co-worker. You go up to them and you pitch in with the same interests and emotions, only to find out that they are totally incompatible with you. When you spend all day with a person who is like you, who is good with people and has similar goals for life, it makes it really easy to build a deep friendship.

Patrick is also a very warm person. We have been known to laugh a lot and really have a great time. Recently, though, Patrick started acting very weird. He would start acting funny and quirky and also start growling and getting angry at the drop of a hat. I asked Patrick why he was acting this way, and he said that he had been seeing some friends and thought that it helped him relax.

I hope that by now you realize that there are many things that you can learn from your Blue coworkers. They are very warm and helpful and they also care about their co-workers. They want to promote a good work environment. If you ever get the chance to visit your co-worker's office, I recommend it, you will soon find out for yourself what kind of a friend they are.

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