How Can I Get The Most From My Cinema Experience With Cinema 8?

At a recent London event, I got to speak with Michael Caine, an award winning screenwriter and producer of the hit film The Social Network. He spoke extensively about how using the cinema as an interactive platform can help to shape the future of how movies are viewed and created. Cinema 8's new augmented reality technology will enable directors and producers to create real time interactive experiences that are more compelling than what is seen on the screens of traditional film theatres.

One of the best examples of this is how the Star Wars prequels created such a buzz when they were released in the late 1980s. They created an entirely new generation of movie goers who grew up with the original films and grew up with Star Wars as their superhero. It was not only the original trilogy, but the prequels that really created this craze. But with Cinema 8, that's all set to change.

By creating cinema 8's new AR mode the directors and producers of big budget sci-fi movies will be able to give their audience the most interactive experience possible. This new feature will take videos and photographs of any location around the world and then bring them into the user's living room. With Cinema 8's wireless network it is possible to map the entire world and then have every individual location map-able. This means that a family could go on holiday to Paris and then return to their home theatre to experience the Eiffel Tower while enjoying the latest release of The Social Network. It will then be possible to take that particular scene and then have it mapped on a map to be seen in the movie theatre and viewed there by everyone there.

What is more, with the development of this video interaction design platform, filmmakers and producers will be able to create video tours and then take them across the globe using a mobile device. A person simply walks into a cinema and has the ability to interact with the set, props and even the cast and crew of the cinema. So for example, if a movie is about a space mission and the director wants the audience to go on board this vessel in order to witness the first steps of the astronauts, they can do that by having a video tour taken of the whole space ship and then allowing that video tour to be live streamed to the family sitting in the cinema. Then when they go back, they can interact with the onboard computer system and see what was going on. The only thing the family would need is a smartphone capable of connecting to the internet and having a decent camera and then snapping the photographs and seeing everything from the very comfort of their own home.

Not only are these interactive video experiences exciting for the audience, but they are also incredibly exciting for the filmmakers. They get to show the technology to people around the world and help them to understand how it works. The platform also allows the filmmakers to test the video within the environment to ensure the quality is good and everything runs smoothly. This way, they can ensure that the video is exactly as they want it to be and that the experience is as close to perfect as possible. If anything goes wrong they will be able to take the video back to the company and ask for their assistance and support.

In summary, cinemas 8 is a revolutionary and totally entertaining piece of technology. Its not just about documenting events and getting the family involved but it's about incorporating technology into the real world so that people can actually experience the atmosphere and the space ship or mission that the filmmakers want to demonstrate. I must say that, if you like science, space, cinema, video games and more then I would recommend you go out and buy this product.

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