DJI X5 - The Quick Guide

If you want to get a good feel for what it's like being a DJI flyer then the DJI FPV review: fast and furious is a good place to start. The first thing that comes to mind is how quickly you can move on the ground using this new product. The DJI FPV camera body moves forwards and backwards in response to your slightest movements, allowing you to have that authentic DJI vibe with no need for DJI gear. Plus, the lightweight HD camera means you can easily keep it stable in any location while out and about. The built-in stabilizer even means the camera stays put even when you move a bit too quickly on the ground!

To take the DJI XPoria indoor/outdoor quadcopter indoor experience to the next level you will want a transmitter and a flight controller. The DJI XPoria transmitter offers a host of features, including Auto Positioning System (APS), line of sight, obstacle avoidance and even two way radio communications with your airplane. This gives the user more freedom of movement than ever before, and helps them get up close and personal with the environments in which they are flying. In addition to this the DJI XPoria indoor system features a number of great safety parameters including a highly responsive emergency stop button, built-in auto pilot mode, low pressure assisted landing gear, forward momentum assist and much more. You also get superior hands free controls with the built in headset.

The DJI XPoria line of cameras also allows users to connect their line of sight to the camera to get a 360 degree rotation. This gives the user that "immersive" experience while out flying. As well as this, DJI's line of quads offer some exciting additions, like the ability to connect the transmitter to the camera via the PC.

With your DJI X5 and transmitter connected to the camera you will then be able to access the Quick Guide that is included with the aircraft. This gives you instant access to important information, such as battery levels, pre-launch options, safety modes and air time. There are also many detailed instructions, making it easy for anyone new to the hobby to get started quickly and safely. As well as this, the Quick Guide is printed in full colour so you can easily find what you need.

The system allows you to recover most flights that have not had sufficient time in the air to complete the required number of flights. If you have been away from the aeroplane for a while, you can recover your first flight with ease using your DJI X5 and the included battery. After this you will have to complete five more flights before being able to try your hand at another aerial photo shoot. The system is designed to give you an insight into how a DJI quad copter will handle a particular type of environment and flight condition. The Quick Guide will help you get your first flight off successfully and you will be able to learn more by using the included videos.

DJI welcome the inclusion of this Quick Guide into their range of products as it helps newcomers to the hobby to become more familiar with the controls and the associated terminology. It also makes it much easier for experienced hobbyists to upgrade from their existing platform. They believe this should improve safety in the industry and reduce costs associated with any repairs.

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