Learn How To Take Backup Of Your Gmail Account

For Gmail users, Gmail Backup is the best-rated online backup solution to carryout backup of Gmail data such as emails, chats, documents ( Gmail account), Contacts (Gmail account), Image and Video files, Videos, Voice mail etc. With Gmail Backup you can easily make and store backup copies of all your important data. In addition, it aids in restoring Gmail data to Gmail account on a temporary or permanent basis. Moreover, Backup Wizard also allows you to store backups in external media such as USB flash drive, Zip drive or external hard drive.

The gmail to pst converter is an online tool for backing up of Gmail account, which can be used to store backups in different file formats. Backup Wizard helps in exporting Gmail data in different file formats such as HTML (compressed) or Gmail email. It provides various options such as'manually' schedule backup or 'auto-backup'. You can select any option from the advanced menu. You can store backups in files on your own computer or external media such as USB flash drive, Zip drive or external hard drive.

backup gmail emails process allows you to make backups of all folders, tags, and messages for the specified user(s). You need to firstly sign-in to your Gmail account. Once you have logged-in to your Gmail account, you may open the Gmail Backup Tool by clicking on 'Start' button then clicking on 'Settings' then clicking on 'Backup' button. You may also select any options from the advanced menu.

To make backup to Gmail, you need to follow few simple steps: Before you begin backup, ensure that you meet the system requirements. Generally, Gmail application uses web based email client to access your account, so make sure that your system meets certain minimum requirements. The first step is to download Gmail backup tool. After installation, launch the program; it will take you to create or save backups. Choose a location where you want to save backups and click'start' button to initiate the backup process.

Similarly, in case if you are using Microsoft Outlook or other third party email client; you can also use the Google backup tool. If you are not sure about saving emails on particular folders, you can also take backup to MS Outlook, Gmail or other external folder/file. Once you are done with creating or saving backup to Gmail, you can disconnect your Gmail account from your PC.

In order to use the backup tool, you need to open'Gmail backup'tab and select 'Google' in the drop-down menu. Select 'create new' and enter all necessary information required by the tool. Next, click'save' button and name your folder as 'Gmail.' Finally, save all files associated with your Gmail account.

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