Motor Winding Machine - The Main Components

Motor Winding Machine: A motor winding machine is a special type of calculator that helps you calculate the resistance, capacitance, wire gauge and frequency needed for any type of electrical device. You can calculate the resistance, capacitance and inductance of any wire. The above procedure clearly describes how electrical values are represented and how findings are applied to learn about the motor winding calculator. As an example, the resistance of a wire is represented as number between zero and one hundred thousand ohms. For a capacitor, the value is between one hundred thousand volts.

Motor Winding Calculator: To use this motor winding machine, first of all, you need to attach a piece of paper on the face of the calculator where you will enter the resistances, capacitance and the wire gauge. You need to do that by pressing "D". After that, turn the "Control" key on your keyboard. The software will recognize your input and automatically change the values. The fill factor is set to 0.00, .00 or even less depending on the particular calculator.

Resistance and Capacitance of Motor Windings: Resistance refers to the thickness of the wire that has been drawn across its terminals. On the other hand, Capacitance is the thickness of the wire that has been across the terminals. Resistance is measured in ohms. It is advisable to double the resistance value to obtain the electrical power consumption. Similarly, for the capacitance, it is advisable to multiply the capacitance value by ten to obtain the electrical power consumed.

Filling Factor: It is important to choose a filler that is larger than the area of the terminals. It is known to be a conductor of electricity. The areas of a motor winding machine may vary from time to time depending upon its application and its utility. The area or surface of a motor wound up with a large amount of copper or steel wire may resist the flow of electricity and thus results in poor efficiency. In addition to that, the wire may get damaged due to oxidation.

Magnetic Field Pole: The magnets are attached to the pole pieces with the help of a commutator. This commutator generates a magnetic field which is very strong and acts as a transformer between pole pieces. The magnetic field pole of a motor winding machine is the one that is directly associated with the input to the machine. On the other hand, the magnetic field poles of different components vary as per the need of the device.

External Circuitry Impedance: There are two types of wiring arrangement for electric motor -one is completely enclosed and the other is semi-enclosed. In case of fully enclosed system, a portion of the machine is placed outside and it is connected with the motor. In this case, the entire motor is enclosed in a plastic case. It is possible to produce a motor that functions both as a simple load and as an electric motor within a single unit. The dual function of a machine is offered by the dual circuit wiring.

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