Social Media and Bing Drinking Game

Recently there has been a great deal of media coverage on the social media aspect of online business and there is no doubt that Bing has taken notice. With Google's search engine is expanding rapidly Bing is in the game and it appears to be having a significant impact on the search market. With almost half of all searches being conducted on Bing drinking now more then ever before.

So what is Bing doing that is different from other search engines? One of the theories is that Bing is trying to fill the gap left by Google. Microsoft has always had an eye on mobile devices and especially on smartphones, tablets and netbooks. They have long been working on internet experience on these devices and they are getting very good results. Now, with the announcement of the partnership with Bing which makes social networking easier for businesses using social networking as part of their business plan this could explain why.

The latest figures show that roughly 38% of all searches on Google are done via Bing. If you take this proportion further you will find that just Google and Yahoo have larger user bases then Bing. This may give Microsoft some ideas as to how to push its Bing service forwards. With more people using it, even if it is not as heavily used as Google, the visibility and brand awareness could help boost the company's social networking website into another growth area.

For any business new to online marketing and social networking, this could prove to be a golden opportunity. It does not take much to see the potential here and Microsoft should already be aware of this. With so many people searching using Bing this could create a massive new audience for your business, especially if you are not active within the social networking community on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. With this additional platform you will be able to target an even bigger audience.

In addition to this, the Bing logo is now used by thousands of businesses. This will have massive exposure for your company and could lead to a whole host of new customers. You will not only be reaching people using your existing social networking campaigns but you will also reach people who are not active on these sites. If this means that your Bing marketing campaign can gain more exposure than your competitors then it's certainly worth exploring.

This would also mean that you could potentially expand your business at a stroke. Even if Bing is currently only in the UK, there are hundreds of companies using it and there is no sign of this increasing. You could benefit from taking advantage of the growing social scene, increase your ranking in search results and improve your reputation online. All of which will make your business thrive.

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