Dolphin Cruises - Discover a Greater Understanding of the Dolphin's Life

Dolphin cruises are one of the best ways to see the wonderful Dolphin species up close. Dolphin's travel in packs; so it is no surprise they get along with humans very well. The Dolphin Cruise operates every day of the week. Family run and privately owned, this is a perfect way to take a relaxing 1.5 hours cruise watching wild dolphins play in their own natural habitat. All vessels have comfortable staterooms with large bathrooms and a snack bar.

There is a variety of Dolphin cruises available from the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Florida and down the gulf to Australia. Many people will choose a Dolphin cruise as a special way to travel to the Gulf of Mexico. Exotic Divers, including myself always choose dolphin cruises because of the animals we witness and the scenery we pass by.

On a Dolphin cruise you will experience the beautiful underwater world, see a wide range of marine wildlife and learn more about some of the most exotic marine animals on earth. Each day at sea you will encounter schools of fish, plenty of schooling fish and dolphin pods. On each boat we visit different ports and participate in displays such as swimming with the dolphins or seeing the different feeding stations. We will also visit key islands where Dolphin breeding occurs. All of these activities and adventures will leave you relaxed, yet excited for the next adventure.

The Dolphin cruise will head out from the port of Saint Petersburg on a short journey down the Gulf of Mexico. It then makes a return trip up the Gulf to Pensacola, where you will see dolphins in their natural habitat. After this you will head back to Saint Petersburg. If you want to see the Gulf of Mexico and Pensacola's famous Dolphin population, you will have to take a Dolphin cruise to Gulf of Mexico and return back again.

On a Dolphin cruise you can visit the Santa Barbara Channel and other places that are known for seeing dolphins like Ocho Rios and La Jolla. You will also travel to Grand Canyon and other natural habitat sites. You will see dolphins in abundance in many of these locations making them one of the most popular cruising locations around the world.

There are Dolphin cruises going to the Canary Islands where you will see dolphins in their natural habitats, including in the ocean and on the shore at various sites. They feed in the sea, go into the water for swimming and come back to the shore to lay down to feed. The best time to see dolphins in the area is in the month of June when they are born and are relatively shy.

Dolphin sunset cruises leave from Saint Petersburg and head out to the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Grand Cayman, and islands near the Gulf of Mexico. You will be taken on a three or four day cruise ride that includes visits to Key West, Miami, the Florida Keys, and Sarasota. You will meet up with the dolphins and swim with them. You can enjoy special amenities on board such as spas and Jacuzzis. As you come back from the cruise you can join us for lunch at the Crocodile Lounge and enjoy fine dining.

Dolphin cruise vacations give you the opportunity to see marine life at its best. You can learn about the lives of the dolphins through programs designed by award winning scientists. Many Dolphin cruise lines are led by scientists who are passionate about marine life and want to share their discoveries with the world. Dolphin watching is a special part of the Dolphin Cruises experience. Join us as we take you on a journey to explore the magnificent secrets of the gulf coast.

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