VIC School Holidays

Many students will find VIC school holidays much more exciting than those at their local school. However it is important to remember that they are still a working holiday! This means you may have work to do on them and it is very possible that you will need to leave work early. There are still some big attractions and special events to go to throughout the district. Find out what activities are available before you set off to ensure you enjoy the whole experience.

Remember that the days listed below are only for Victorian public school holidays. Independent schools and Catholic schools may vary slightly but not much. Term 1 Wednesday 28 January 2020 to Friday 2 actuary 2021. Autumn School Holidays.

Every school holidays start with the big day - why not make it a little bit easier for yourself by making sure you plan everything well in advance so that you aren't frantically trying to arrange new school year bookings when the papers come out! There are three main ways to arrange school holidays. The traditional way is to try and book them all through the same company - this can be a good way of getting your kids all together at the same time but it can also be expensive.

If you want to keep the cost down then you can try and arrange your school holidays through Melbourne universities. These Universities offer their students flexible options for school holiday planning. The first thing you will notice is that there will be a calendar on the wall for your students to see and this will tell you when each semester will start. There will be places on the calendar for all the different holidays - like summer holidays, summer courses, and the autumn and winter breaks. If you don't live near any universities but you are planning to study in Melbourne, you can still arrange a cheap holiday by going to visit parks in your area and finding out how you can book cheap school holidays with them.

The other option available to many families is to use 'off-peak' times for their school holidays. Like many cheap holiday deals, VIC school holidays are designed for students to come and go as they please during the summer months - you should plan your family vacation around the high peak times for your school year. January to April is the best time of year to visit parks - particularly Queens Park and Elwood Park. It's a fantastic way to get some quality time with your kids before summer school holidays start - and kids love going to these fantastic parks.

Other school holidays start in September and end in February, so you need to work out a good way of doing your VIC school holidays so that you can book them for the right dates. The most common way to do this is to go online with an independent travel company and let them find you cheap accommodation based on your chosen dates. It will be worth checking out the official government website because it contains information about when all the major public holidays occur across the country. This way you know exactly when cheap VIC public holidays are so you can book your trip for the dates that fit perfectly.

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