Gaming Chairs - L Shape Corner Desks With LED Lights

The Blaze L Shaped Gaming Desk offers convenient compartments for your gaming equipment while still keeping life simple with a built in drink holder and wire management. The remote control allows you to easily navigate between your games and buttons, as well as flip between screens easily. The five adjustable game positions comfortably allow you to change from shooting to strategy play. The sleek black finish is eye-catching, while the five convenient holders easily store your gaming accessories. The sleek black finish is eye-catching, while the five adjustable game positions comfortably allow you to change from shooting to strategy play.

This desk is fully equipped with five fully adjustable game stations with five individual screens. The monitors are placed in easy reachable positions, which allow you to easily change from one game station to another. You can flip between monitors easily using the handy remote control. The desk has a sturdy construction with four sturdy legs and durable, rubber feet. The black finish on this gamer desk matches most color schemes.

The L Shape Gaming Desk is constructed with a five piece sliding track design. This allows for high quality gaming and computer monitor placement. It's great for those who want an affordable, l-shaped design with all the functionality of a desktop computer. The desk sports an eight-inch high-gloss glass display monitor and keyboard. A single Firewire port allows you to connect a standard keyboard or mouse.

The L Shape Gaming Desk is perfect for those who need an open shelves for storage purposes. With an open shelf on each side, you can easily place all your gaming gear, without having to stretch. This desk also includes three individually foldable wood slatted drawers that are perfect for storing extra accessories and personal belongings. The drawers are accessible from the center of the desk, where they are separated into two different compartments by a metal frame.

The L Shape Gaming Desk accommodates up to thirty-six digital monitors, five standard width computer mice, five l-shaped computer desks, five standard width computer carts, five standard width tower stands, and one l-shape corner desk. Each corner of this desk is accessible through one of five open shelves located on each side of the desk. An extended shelf along one of the sides of the L Shape Gaming Desk helps to optimize floor space in your office, while the side extensions provide a convenient spot for cable management. This desk also has a convenient "maintain" shelf located on its left side.

The L Shape Gaming Desk has two adjustable, fabric adjustable computer chairs that have fabric upholstery. They feature a fabric cover for added durability and are available in either black or neutral colors. The left and right side of the desk have shelves, plus a center drawer containing the optional Mouse Cooler, that can be used for storing and protecting your computer monitors when they are not in use.

One of the best features of the L Shape Gaming Desk is the pull out monitor storage, which allows you to accommodate at least three monitor sets in a single row. The pull out shelves also accommodate five standard height computer towers with their monitor holders. The desk's finish makes it suitable for office decoration, since it comes in various shades of blue. A single overhead support, located on top of the desk, can be detached and used as a pedestal for displaying games systems or for hanging computer monitors.

The L Shape Gaming Desk is made from cherry MDF and is finished with a textured cherry lacquer that matches most desks. It has anodized aluminum frame, and its side extensions and shelf are designed to coordinate with the other pieces of furniture in the gaming room. The keyboard tray and the corner extensions of the desk can be replaced easily when one item is damaged, giving you plenty of options for customization. The L Shape Gaming Desk comes with an easy to follow installation guide, which makes it a simple step to assemble the unit. The desk can be managed by its corner extensions, which make it very convenient to place it in a corner of any room.

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