What to Expect on Your School Holidays in Australia

Are you looking forward to exploring the bounties of New South Wales or just want to spend some quality time with your family? If yes, then why not plan your next holidays in Sydney or New South Wales by availing the best Sydney airport hotels, especially when you are on a holiday tour? No doubt, there is a lot to do and see when one decides to visit this vibrant city. This is the home of world-class attractions, museums, and places of interests. This city also offers several other types of recreational facilities and activities, which can suit the interests of all age groups.

So, what are the best things to do during nsw school holidays in Sydney? First of all, don't miss out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When visiting this scenic place, get a boat ride over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Besides, if you want to enjoy the sight of the sunset, make sure that you go for starlight shows at dusk. You can also visit the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Zoo to take part in fun activities while on Sydney school holidays. To help you get a clear idea about the various destinations in and around the Sydney region, have listed both the NSW public holidays for 2021 below.

If you want to spend time outdoors, then consider going for a walk or even drive down the Sydney Harbor Bridge. After seeing the beauty of the harbour, you can then head towards the Botanic Gardens, Sydney Wildlife Park, and Bird World to take in the sight of various bird species as well as their respective habitats. The Sydney Botanic Gardens features a large collection of trees to bring back nature's beauty in a wonderful way. If you like taking pictures and want to share them with your loved ones, then you can do so here too. On your way to the Sydney Wildlife Park, you should stop over at Sydney Zoo.

During your Sydney school holidays, you can take in some great sights too. For those who are keen about history and culture, you can head towards the Sydney Museum and the Sydney Opera House, where you can see a performance by the New Zealand Royal Shakespeare Company. If you want to relax after the hustle and bustle, then you should go for a walk along the Sydney Harbor Bridge. While there, you will be able to witness the daily activities going on here.

If you want to enjoy some incredible Sydney Harbour views, then it is time for you to visit the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife Park. For those who want to get away from the hustle bustle and see some great natural beauty, they should head towards the Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Wildlife Park. The Sydney Aquarium has a very good range of marine-related displays. If you want some fresh air, then you should go to the North Sydney Arts Centre, which is a centre for performing arts. You will also be able to attend some very interesting cultural events during your trip here. You can check out a free evening movie at the cinemas here.

These are some of the most popular Sydney holiday destinations for those taking back home some happy memories of their school days. You can easily find flights to Australia from different parts of the country, depending on when you wish to start your trip. The best part is that you don't have to book your flight in advance to get discounted fares. The official term dates below represent official term dates in accordance with airlines. For more information, contact your travel agent or visit the official website of your travel agent.

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