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The Times of India, a leading English daily newspaper and online news media company owned and operated by The Times Group is an Indian English newspaper. It's the third largest daily newspaper globally by circulation and biggest selling English newspaper in the planet. It's headquartered in New Delhi and is one of the most respected English daily newspapers worldwide. It's international success is attributed largely to the India based management team that has continually made efforts to expand the business internationally. It also features a number of international newspapers and periodicals from various corners of the world.

The India based Times has come up with a wide range of feature articles and stories, besides its news reports. It features entertainment and non-news news topics as well. It has won many prestigious awards and recognition including The Grand Master award from the International Advertising Machines Awards. It has also won various Golden Globes and International Advertising Awards. It is valued at par with the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. The Indian Express, a smaller English daily, is also famous among tourists for its Indian flavor and offers travel information.

Times of India, being the leading English daily, has also established a strong international web presence to further increase its online readership. It features a number of popular international websites including The New York Times and Business Times. It also has established a strong online presence through various leading article directories and web sites.

India's Times of India is also known for its breaking news. It is not just limited to just news. It also provides the latest in sports, reviews, books, music, film, television and international news. It's also known for its colorful artwork, cartoons, photography, trailers, celebrity interviews, reviews and much more. It's a great option for those who are looking for the variety that this newspaper offers.

Another prominent and popular English daily, Nainital Times, is also quite popular all over the world. It offers quite interesting stories and features entertainment, sport, reviews and many other news items. It's also known for having some of the best images of the country.

All of the aforementioned major newspapers have earned a significant amount of popularity and reputation in their respective countries. They have also helped in establishing a strong base for the Indian industry in their respective countries. Times of India and Indian Express have also helped in boosting tourism in the country, which in turn has helped in increasing the number of visitors to India. It has also helped in boosting the economy of the country.

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