Canninghill Piers - The Best Way to Invest in Real Estate

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, the picturesque Canninghill Piers is a popular family destination and is frequented by thousands of visitors each year. The Canninghill Piers, built in the late 1970's, is highly renovated and is fully restored every year. All the units are humidity controlled and air-conditioned, and all lifts and escalators are hydraulically operated with the most recent safety devices. There is also a state-of-the-art wet bar, a concession stand on the Pier, a gift shop, and restrooms. There is also a gift and sale center that offers brochures, books, and souvenirs.

Canninghill Piers property is ideal for building a vacation home or an apartment, as it is near the Ocean View Marina and the Delray Beach. It is also close to the Virginia Beach, a multitude of dining and shopping options, and many great public schools, clinics, and spas. In addition to the Canninghill Piers, the developers of this property are involved in several other waterfront projects, such as the redesigning of the boardwalk, the construction of two new hotels (the Holiday Inn and the DoubleTree Hotel & Casino), revamping the intersections of the Canninghill Piers and the renovation of the historic Nantucket Light House and the adjacent Dune Road home and water park. All the developments are planned to create a dynamic living experience, which will take care of the families' interests while allowing them easy access to the Ocean View Marina, the Delray Beach State Park, and the Ocean View Water Park. The developers are committed to providing state of the art amenities and entertainment, and to ensuring the ecological integrity of the area.

Investment properties at Canninghill Piers have distinct advantages over the competing ocean front houses and marinas. Although all of the Canninghill Piers property is considered pristine, it is unique because of the excellent views of the Ocean and the nearby islands. Also, unlike most of the other homes on the piers, the Canninghill Piers offers direct access to the Delray Beach, Virginia Beach, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Virginia Beach pier. This provides an excellent opportunity to develop a second income generating business from a piece of real estate with the superior investment potential and the attractive returns. The Canninghill Piers property has unique advantages over the competing homes on the piers that contribute to its unique attractiveness.

There are three main factors that contribute to the unique appeal of the Canninghill Piers real estate investment property. First, it offers fantastic ocean views, second, it has direct access to the beach and third, it is located on one of the hottest residential communities in Southern Florida. These three factors are the main factors that make the Canninghill Piers a very attractive community to live in. The unique aspects of this community make it a popular choice for residential Florida real estate investment.

This highly preferred Canninghill Piers property has many benefits that make it an attractive investment property. One of the best ways to invest in real estate investment strategy is to invest in rental properties. These Canninghill Piers rental properties provide excellent rental income and are ideal for a second income generating venture. These rental properties also have the advantage of being tax exempt.

The development of the Canninghill Piers into an ideal place to develop residential properties is an example of strategic real estate development by the Canninghill developer. The developer has made strategic decisions regarding design and development as well as the location to place the residential properties. Also, the use of this prime piece of real estate in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world adds to the attraction and desirability of the Canninghill Piers property. Also, the Canninghill Piers property offers access to the Singapore River with the convenience of an unparalleled water view. The development of this prime piece of real estate in Singapore will definitely set new trends in property development here in Singapore and help the country to become more competitive in the international property market.

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