Eat and Run by Jack Canfield

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultimate Ultramarathoning Greatness is by the pro runner Scott Jurek and personal trainer Steve Friedman. It was released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June of 2021. This is an incredible book full of tips, advice, and exercises for ultramarathoning. It gives you everything you need to know about nutrition and how your body reacts to it. The authors have done a great job of describing each chapter and they also included helpful graphs and photos to show what they are talking about. The information is presented in a way that anyone can understand without having to go into great detail.

You can use this book as a reference for any type of ultra marathon or road cycling run. I myself am using it right now to prep me for my upcoming race. Jurek is an experienced vegan athlete, so he has had a lot of experience with the benefits of eating plant-based foods. He also is an active person who likes to run and compete. He even wrote a chapter on why he eats fish!

먹튀검증 is not a book for the couch potato. While it does focus on what you should and shouldn't eat while running, it also makes sure you have some fun! Jurek is a very social runner, so he shares the tips and techniques he has used with other vegans and athletes. You'll learn what foods to eat before and after workouts and how to keep up your energy level throughout the course of your run. Eat and run makes sure you aren't bored during your run because it introduces some fun activities to keep you challenged.

Born to Run by Jack registers 10 full page color covers and three chapter guides. For those of us in the peanut gallery, the author may appear a bit heavy handed with the book, however, as mentioned in the author bio, he is very detailed and detail oriented. While some of the chapters do not make a lot of sense, I did find them to be very helpful. The positive aspects of Born to Run made it worth picking up and reading.

In Eat and run, Jack Canfield shares with his readers some of his most important secrets for being a more effective runner. Eating a certain food is important to your performance. For example, did you know that bananas are considered a "superfood" by many nutritionists? Bananas have a lot of great things for the body, including energy boosting anthocyanins (which are the compounds found in banana's outer shell) as well as potassium, which maintains fluids in the muscles of the body. These are only a few of the nutrients in the fruit and vegetable contain.

Eat and run also shares another important secret that is not widely known. That is the mental side. Mental training is especially important for runners, as they constantly need to think of new ways to break through a course or complete a task within the limited time they have. The mental side keeps the runner at the top of their game. Jack Canfield once said "anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart."

Along with Eat and run, the other best seller in the history of ultrarunning, Born to Run, has been out on DVD for nearly two decades. This exhaustive workout program has taken nutrition to a completely new level. For the first time, it gives you a detailed nutritional breakdown of each meal. It explains the importance of choosing the right food groups, which makes losing weight and developing a diet plan more than just a series of complicated instructions. In Eat and Run, Jack Canfield opens up about his life and career as a champion runner, revealing the mental preparation that has shaped his career and why he is one of the elite runners profiled in the runaway bestseller born to run.

Born to Run by Jack Canfield is about how to get from being an average runner, to the elite runner that wins races, by changing his diet completely. Jack Canfield's nutrition secrets are not only for runners; he includes sections on vegetarianism, a discussion of "raw foods," and a brief mention of his love of late night television. The DVD includes all of the tips and advice Jack Canfield has provided to others including the famous 10-minute mile. Eat and Run is a great source for information on nutrition and also includes many recipes as well as a section devoted to "meat-and-potatoes" meals, complete with the recipes for some of the meats and sauces used in this cookbook.

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