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I despatched an email out to 3 humans on my subscribers list asking them what changed into their #1 pressing question they wanted spoke back concerning "making a living with their blog". nicely I failed to get nearly the reaction i was looking for. I figured those subscribers would jump at the threat to get their question replied but I guess i was incorrect.

I did however get 1 of the subscribers I requested to reply with their question and here it's miles:

"My #1 question, what is the exceptional manner to format your weblog web page in order that it is not shouting out banners & hyperlinks, but as an alternative invitations the viewer to retain to scroll & appearance and study extra. There has to be an most fulfilling layout this is 'inviting' yet, a silent promoting layout of question answer sites .

thank you


well Ron to reply your query allow me first say that that is a multi-part solution. There are numerous factors that make up a blogs layout this is no longer overbearing with links and banners and is also inviting to the traveler as a way to permit them to roam your site a little greater. these items consist of your topic, your content material, your advertisements, advert placement, overall look and sense and site visitors of your weblog. i can now make the effort to break each down in more element to offer a higher information of each issue and how all of them play together in getting a traveler to dig deeper into your website online as well as possibly click to your banners or commercials by profile creation sites .

subject matter

Your subject may additionally very well be the maximum important element approximately your weblog subsequent to the plugins you operate and the way you monetize your web site. As I stated earlier than in "top rate topics aren't all the equal" some themes allow you alternatives and layout features you will not get with ninety nine% of your free topics. it is exceedingly critical which you spend money on a top rate subject matter. I advocate you operate both WooThemes, DIYThemes, ThemeForest, Socrates (what i'm the usage of), WPRemix or a few different premium theme that offers you alternatives you will now not discover on unfastened themes. typically subject matters that have been top rate paid topics that are now loose have either been replaced by means of an updated model or the layout is old.

A top class theme typically has areas inside its format for banner commercials, links or even Google AdSense which fit and flow into it evidently as to now not stand out and seem apparent in your traffic. There are issues specially for AdSense and banners so make your choice accurately. here are a few I advise you give a take a look at: Egg subject, BVD beautiful, Gadgetine subject and the Hemsida topic. some of these subject matters may be located at ThemeForrest.

As a ways as hyperlinks pass, attempt to follow what many call the 80/20 rule. Make eighty% of your hyperlinks in your posts non affiliate hyperlinks. What I mean with the aid of this is have them lead your visitors to sites, posts or other statistics so one can assist them instead of trying to sale them some thing. the opposite 20% of the time may be links to merchandise you promote through associate links or hyperlinks for your own merchandise. This has worked for me on numerous web sites and i am sure it's going to be just right for you. right here is a chunk of right records when the use of links; in case you're selling something ensure it is a product you operate or have used in the beyond.


easy and simple, provide extraordinary content! in case you do that your site visitors will dig deeper into your site and click on greater pages. If the content is well worth it is weight your site visitors will subscribe and are available back to the site often that can boom your probabilities of your banners or links getting clicks. what is even higher..... they may even advise your web site to their friends.


make certain you are displaying the right ads for your area of interest. My web site is ready making a living together with your weblog which involves a few matters. It make little or no sense for me to have hyperlinks or banner advertisements for on-line faculties, scrap-booking or Xbox games due to the fact it is now not what an character is seeking out when they arrive here. The chance of getting clicks for those things are slim to none.

Having the right commercials shown for Google AdSense for your website boils down to right key-word placement and research in your web page. achieved successfully it may be a consistent move of profits for you, but if it's carried out incorrect you might imagine it's a waste of time based totally for your marginal outcomes.


the placement of advertisements has plenty to do with the top rate topic you select. From my studies and traveling a number of the web sites I understand do well with clicks from banners, links and Adsense, size and vicinity placement is critical.

As some distance as length is worried the sizes that convert the most for banners are (in order of overall performance): a hundred twenty five x a hundred twenty five, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, one hundred sixty x six hundred or a hundred and twenty x 600, 768 x ninety.

vicinity placement once more can depend upon your topic of preference. once more from my research what i've located is the excellent advert placement comes from having a 468 X 60 on your header, a mixture of three hundred X 250 & a hundred twenty five X a hundred twenty five in your sidebar and a three hundred X 250 at the start or halfway into your article body. the opposite desire turned into to region a 768 X 90 or two 468 X 60 ads on the stop of your article.

appearance and sense

the general look and sense of your blog can play a chief part to your site visitors roaming your website for extra records or breaking the hell out like they may be escaping from prison. if your site is perplexing and not easy to navigate you can assume your site visitors now not to visit many pages and your ordinary traffic to fall off. once more this is going back to the theme you choose. ensure you choose the subject that lets in you to be happy with the available format alternatives even as also being user (traveller) pleasant.

Too many active flash banners might also flip your site visitors off or may additionally even distract them from digging deeper into your other pages. You need to restrict your flash banners to no extra than 2 showing at 1 time according to page.

even though i like black and darkish backgrounds, blogs with white or lighter coloured issues and backgrounds generally tend to get extra clicks during the whole website online consequently producing deeper clicks at the website.


The last denominator in what number of clicks your banners, links and commercials will receive. you could have all the other matters in ideal order and omit out in this and you may now not get a unmarried click on.

To get clicks you want to do a amazing activity at riding visitors to your weblog. this could be accomplished a number of ways; Google Adwords, Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, forums, HubPages, Squidoo, Yahoo answers, Article marketing, Social Bookmarking, Posting blog remarks, visitor blogging, Press Releases, electronic mail, friends, family, Craiglist, Safelist, Adswaps and more.

making use of those elements by means of setting collectively a advertising and marketing plan that works for you can make all of the difference inside the global to getting a steady drift of site visitors from returning and new traffic that may lead to more clicks in your banners, hyperlinks, advertisements and other posts to your blog.

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