International School in Ghana - Providing Quality Education

Ghana International School is yet another high profile British International School in Ghana - this time it is one of the top. This International School is very much different from other International Schools because the school provides its students with more exposure to English. The International School in Ghana has also a very strong Christian presence. Some of the students from Ghana have come from countries as far away as America and Australia. This only shows how strong the educational roots of these students are.

Most of the teachers in the International School in Ghana are British. This has brought about a sense of equality in the school and the students enjoy learning with a British accent. This has been helped by the Ghanaian Government in grants and loans for students to go to university in Britain. There are also many international schools in Ghana offering degrees and teaching positions in Britain.

There is a new aspect to the British International School in Ghana. They have introduced a new curriculum which incorporates British teachings but also African spiritual culture. The curriculum is designed by British academics and draws heavily from the British academic world with an emphasis on subject matter and research methodology. Most of the lessons are taught through black and whiteboards and reading from books and magazines with illustrations and texts from the British classics. The curriculum was designed by the highly regarded John Bingham, who also served as an adviser to the government of Ghana.

There are many international schools in Africa but none offer an integrated curriculum like that of the International School in Ghana. As a result, most of them lag behind other universities in terms of quality education. Moreover, the Ghanaian school offers a high quality education which is not available anywhere else in Africa. In fact, the International School in Ghana is unique in every way and this is what draws thousands of British and international students each year.

In addition to the excellent primary classroom education offered, the International School in Ghana also offers excellent post primary and secondary academic excellence through its well-established ICT (Information and Communication Technology) campus. The ICT campus runs over 500K square feet and houses over one hundred academic chairs. The ICT campus also incorporates the best that is modern in terms of computer labs, science laboratories and libraries. With the latest computer systems and technologies, the International School in Ghana is leading the way for academic excellence in all aspects of science, technology and education.

The International School in Ghana offers courses in the fields of arts and humanities with specialization in agriculture, business and management, culinary arts and engineering. A number of professional organizations and chambers offer professional degree courses to International School graduates. Some of these include the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and the Ghana Institute of Management and Higher Education. These courses help International School graduates to enter highly lucrative jobs in sectors like media, sales and marketing, banking and engineering, architecture and building science.

International School in Ghana's online education program caters to an international workforce, thus contributing to the economy. It is offering two degree programs namely, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Both the programs are designed by world renowned scholars and teachers. Since the International School is fully accredited by the IIT-JEE and ABNA university accreditation agencies, it easily qualifies for the National High School Diploma Program (THPSP) examination which is conducted by the ABNA. This enables the students to apply for a diploma in high school, which in turn enables them to pursue higher studies at any of the many universities in the world.

The International School in Ghana is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities to facilitate an active learning environment. Most of the facilities provide the student with a virtual learning environment and they are free from all kinds of hassles. The International School in Ghana also offers the facilities of internet usage, which enable the students to access any kind of information irrespective of their location, time or place. There are twenty-four hours help desk personnel who assist students with any difficulties they face. Thus, the International School in Ghana is one of the finest learning institutions in the world.

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