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Are you looking for online jobs? Whether you want to earn some extra cash in spare time or seeking a high paying online jobs, writing is the most profitable. Thousands of online students, housewives and busy parents make huge. toRs. from writing. Online blogging is nothing but making your own site (paid or free) where you can openly write your opinions, tips & advice, share your knowledge on any topic, or anything else that you think is relevant to the global community.

Blogging as an Online job has been quite famous these days. The most profitable are those which offer some kind of reward after a certain period. It can either be some kind of monetary reward or some kind of service. Some companies offer Paid-To-Work and other kind of freelance work. Here are some of the most searched for online jobs.

Remote Surveillance- Is there anything that you would rather do than work? Then you can start working online for a remote surveillance job. With this job, you will be the one to get the video or audio clips of a certain person from a distant location. You can either shoot the videos yourself with a digital camera or hire someone else to shoot them for you. If you think that you have the technical skill and knowledge about this then you can even think of starting it as an Online job.

Content Writer/BDFL- For those who do not know what a content writer or bdFL is, then you might want to know before we proceed further. Content writers are those who write blogs, articles, press releases and eBooks for people online. With a simple flair for writing, they are able to earn a good amount of money. To begin with, you need to create an account with Fiverr, among other online jobs. Once you have made an account with Fiverr, then all you have to do is upload your content writing samples to your account and get a price from the client.

AdSense- Working for Google is something that a lot of people crave to do. The problem is finding a reliable source of earning an extra income. This is where AdSense comes in. In case you are a web entrepreneur, then you can make money from Google through the use of AdSense.

Amazon - For those who are passionate about affiliate marketing and other online job, there is no better place than Amazon. You can set up a website where people can visit and buy the products that you are affiliated with. You do not need to be an engineer or a computer whiz to work for Amazon. All you need to have is a working laptop, a good web camera, and the willingness to sell products on Amazon. You can even join Amazon associate program for free, which will help you get more exposure and thus improve your chances of getting paid from Amazon.

Office jobs - There are many office jobs that you can do online. You can work as an online assistant, an editor, a bookkeeper, a secretary and a receptionist in office jobs. These jobs require you to have a good knowledge of computers, as well as good typing skills, to pass the interview. If you do not possess these skills, then you can look for other office jobs online.

Data entry jobs - With the internet's ever-increasing importance, many companies now require their employees to submit reports and data online. For people who like staying at home, this is one of the most popular online job. You can either get paid by doing this kind of work, or work as a freelancer, selling your data entry services. There are also companies who want to outsource this kind of work.

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