The Benefits of Living in Rifqi, China

If you are looking for a unique and enchanting oriental style, then Rifqi Fauzan will be your perfect choice. With its impressive and exceptional design, this unique dwelling will surely to delight and captivate you. Made of bamboo it is one of the most beautiful structures you will ever see. And with its design and craftsmanship, you will surely be satisfied with every detail of this amazing home.

The very name "Rifqi Fauzan" means "Rice Field Village." This was actually the original name of this place. But today, after the original name was changed, it came to be known as Rifqi Sauiwan in China.

Located on the banks of the Bo'an Lake, the farm is on the high rise of a mountain. And due to its unique design, many consider it as an art project and tribute to the high technology of modern farming. The main building is very orderly and clean, with each block being laid out neatly with its own purpose. And because of its technological advancement, the rice field has now become a fully automated system, able to produce almost a thousand bags of rice a day. It can also process about two tons of wheat and feed the animals and technicians.

Although it looks like a modern-day city, the farm is actually an oasis. And because of the uniqueness of this place, many tourists from all over the country visit Rifqi Fauzan to take a look at this amazing rice field and to enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty of the countryside. Besides, to drive around this rice field will be like driving through a fairy tale. And you can actually spend more than a day at the farm, enjoying the peacefulness of the countryside while admiring the beauty of the rice fields and the city lights.

There are many hotels in Rifqi Fauzan. The most important hotel in Rifqi Fauzan is the Xintang Hotel. This hotel has been established in 1950 and is still based on traditional Chinese architecture. And with the help of the modern technology, this Xintang Hotel offers many modern amenities such as an IT salon and restaurant, a swimming pool, a health centre and many others.

Aside from the Xintang Hotel, there is also another traditional house called the Wuyi Shanxia that is about a hundred meters away from the center of Rifqi Fauzan. This house is located on the main road of the city. This house is known for its ancestral home that dates back more than three thousand years ago. And because of the history, this house has been restored and is still very clean and well-kept.

Because of the abundance of natural scenery and the beautiful plain, the people of Rifqi Fauzan really have a nice time just relaxing and enjoying the plain scenery. There are many hiking trails that you can enjoy walking through if you want to get out and enjoy some fresh air. In fact, even the people who live in the cities love hiking in order to get away from the pollution of the city and just feel the natural scenery.

But not only can tourists and locals enjoy the natural scenery in Rifqi Fauzan, there are also many business establishments in the area. Business people enjoy the fact that there are a lot of foreign companies operating in Rifqi Fauzan. Aside from the fact that there are many international hotels, restaurants and other facilities, there is also the presence of the international airport and the huge Xintang Golf Course. In fact, even some national state buildings such as the China Academy of Radio and Television are also located in the city. All of these make Rifqi Fauzan a perfect location for businesses and for foreigners to set up their bases in Rifqi Fauzan. Indeed, with all of these wonderful benefits, it is no wonder why Rifqi Fauzan has become so popular among foreigners and locals alike.

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