Gaming Chairs - The L Shaped Gaming Desk

A gamer's dream is getting a L Shaped Gaming Desk and other game accessories! L-shaped 3 piece computer desk saves valuable space in a small dorm room, home office or home theater room. Material: wood veneer frame, hardwood finished, aluminum powder coated, environmental particle board, foot rest. Adjustable rubber glides keeps the computer desk on even floors, adjustable foot rest bars maximize comfort and keeps the computer in place.

This desk has a unique and practical combination that allows it to save space. The desk top has two computer workstations with room to accommodate a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The two workstations are L Shaped with open "back" area for keyboard and mouse placement. There is also a pull out "seat" for comfortable viewing of computer monitors.

This L Shaped Gaming Desk has a creative concept with practicality. By utilizing a corner in the middle of the desk, you have a large open work surface that can be used for either computer work or gaming. The open space can also be used as a "desk" for laptops and other items. The open "back" area can be used as storage for other items, if needed.

The L Shaped Gaming Desk is easy to assemble. It includes a pre-assembled top and bottom pieces and a keyboard tray. It has a caster roll piece for leveling the desk while it is assembled. The desk top material is a melamine resin with a textured surface. It has an anti-static agent that prevents electrical outlets from coming in contact with the material.

This desk can support up to a 500 Lbs computer. It is made of melamine resin and has a black melamine finish. It is available in two different widths, ten and twelve inch widths. The desk top material can be purchased in three different thicknesses; one and a half inches, two and a quarter inches, and three and a half inches. The desk top material is available in many colors; the two main colors are either white or black and the melamine resin is available in gray, blue, red, purple, teal, and green colors.

The L Shaped Gaming Desk has a unique ergonomic design that allows you to customize the angle of the desk to your personal comfort. This desk offers two adjustable height positions and provides eight different viewing angles. You can adjust the angle of the desk to a maximum height of eighteen inches, thirty-six inches, and forty-two inches. It is constructed of a heavy duty plastic frame and has rubber feet for added grip on the floor.

This desk offers you complete workspace space. It allows you to place your laptop flat against the side of the unit, or anywhere in between. It also provides you with six inches of space for keyboard cable placement. It will allow you to access your keyboard with ease.

The L Shaped Gaming Desk is an affordable, high quality computer desk that will fit into any corner of your home or office. It is affordable and has the space needed to hold both your computer, and any accessories. It offers you easy access to your keyboard and mouse and will not crowd your workspace. This desk has been designed so that it allows you to be productive, organized, and relaxed while still being able to watch your favorite movies.

The L Shaped Gaming Desk offers you the versatility of an L Shaped design and the durability of a traditional C Shaped design. This desk will offer you tons of space for storage, while keeping your components secure and comfortable. It is extremely durable and will stand up to even the largest gamers. The legs of this desk are fully adjustable and will make sure that your computer is put at the perfect angle to fit your body perfectly.

This desk offers the ultimate in convenience. The l-shaped arm allows you to place your keyboard back in its optimal position. This will allow you to get full use out of your monitor or keyboard, and it will keep your hands at the perfect angle to work. This desk will make your life much easier and keep you from getting frustrated over spending countless hours at your desk working.

The L Shaped Gaming Desk comes with a black fabric covered wooden finish. It is finished with UV inhibitors which will help protect the wood against the elements. It also has a full adjustable pedestal that will hold your computer at its best position, and keep it away from any potential damage. If you are looking for a desk that will allow you to organize everything you need and keep your mind off your troubles, than the L Shaped Gaming Desk is perfect for you. It can be used for years to come, and will not disappoint when it comes to providing you with the space and comfort you need.

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